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Instant GSM connector
Instant GSM connector
Instant GSM connector
Instant GSM connector
Instant GSM connector
Instant GSM connector
Instant GSM connector
Instant GSM connector

Instant GSM connector

Smart devices
In stock
In stock

Instant GSM smart remote controller. SIM card valid for 5 years, remote controll devices, usable in 97 countries. e.g.: heating, starting of irrigation system, remotely disable, temperature controll

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Instant GSM connector

Smart device
Bluetooth connection
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The GSM connector is designed to leave as little responsibility as possible to its operator. Installation takes 1 minute, the application can control hundreds of connectors at once for up to 5 years, without the need for any human interference


Technical specifications:


  • Indoor design
  • Local configuration: Bluetooth 4.0
  • tRemote configuration: Internet
  • GSM communication: 2G (GPRS) 
  • Input voltage: 230V/50HZ
  • Capacity: 16A


Package contents:

  • Instant GSM connector
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (for instant, automatic connectivity)
  • Internet connectivity (SIM card and 2G GSM service for 5 years with 500MB data allowance)
  • External port for temperature sensors
  • Free mobile app (iOS and Android) can be used to control hundreds of devices
  • Timing, scheduled operations, automatic or manually operable temperature sensors



  • Temperature controlled connection 
  • Manual connectivity
  • Timed connectivity
  • Time relay switch
  • Regular temperature readings
  • Alerts sent to user
  • Remote control over multiple connectors


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